Amy Elizabeth, REALTOR® lives in Denver, Colorado with her two kids and standard poodle. She has a green thumb, likes to ski and co-hosts a podcast.

Amy’s Background in Education:

  • M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction; University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 2006
  • Former high school chemistry teacher at private boarding school in Connecticut
  • Former elementary teacher at public school in Minnesota
  • Former homeschool teacher and travel guide for her kids
  • Holds a Colorado teaching license
  • Founder/Owner of Clayton Academy LLC

Amy’s Background in Business:

  • Sold copy machines for Ricoh (formerly IKON Office Solutions)
  • Sold software for Oracle
  • Sold software and lead inbound marketing effort at Bloom Health (pre-acquisition)
  • Founder/Owner of AE Homes LLC
  • Founder/Owner of Clayton Academy LLC

The Journey:

In summer of 2020, after the public school district announced they will delay in-person learning through mid-October, Amy heard the same things from parents in the community:

  • Everything is unknown/uncertain.
  • It’s impossible to schedule and plan.
  • How will I work? What will my kid/s do at home while I’m working?
  • My kids don’t respect me like they do a teacher.
  • My relationship with my kid/s is/are strained.
  • My child misses their friends.
  • My child is falling behind.

As a single parent, facing some of the same things she was hearing, Amy knew something had to be done...something could be done. Something similar to what she already did with her own kids a couple years back.

Amy hit the ground running and, within her kids’ neighborhood-school community, she hosted webinars introducing a couple ideas. Then, Amy surveyed families, searched for venues and interviewed candidates. In less than a month, in a rented neighborhood church, 30 elementary students were organized into 5 small, grade-level groups (aka learning pods) and 9 newly-hired independent contractors supported both the virtual classroom teacher and the in-person student.

Ever since, Clayton Academy LLC has been POPPING UP LEARNING PODS to make sure kids learn and socialize safely so parents/caregivers are able to work.